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Maze Runner Updates

Here you can find the latest news, videos, photos, and interviews relating to the book series and upcoming maze runner movie. In theatres September 19, 2014.


Interviews with Kaya Scodelario, Dylan O’Brien and Will Poulter

The Maze Runner - Official Trailer #2

Anonymous asked:
from the advance screening cities do you know which one the cast are gonna be for m&g/q&a?

As far as I know, the cast (most likely just Dylan, Kaya, and Will) will be in Philadelphia for the Q102 contest for a Q&A with the radio station on Sept. 2. Then they will be flying to Toronto later that day to attend the advanced screening for Ryerson students, where they will also be doing a Q&A. And the last one that I know they will be attending is the advanced screening in Chicago on Sept. 3 (Freebie contest.)

thegladuh asked:
So the only country in asia that they're gonna visit is Malaysia? They're not coming to Indonesia?

The dates I reblogged below are the only ones I know of. I don’t think the cast is going to visit Malaysia, I think it’s only an advanced screening. If they were it would probably be advertised in the contests. 

fandomsinflame asked:
So does this mean that they won't be coming too California at all? I was really hoping they would...

They were already in California, Los Angeles for a screening on the 22nd of August. But who knows, maybe there will be an official premiere there too. I’ll post something if I find more information about it.

The Maze Runner Screenings and/or Meet&Greet


September 3 -  Washington, DC: CONTEST

September 3 - Altamonte Springs, FL: CONTEST

September 3 - Tampa, FL: CONTEST 

September 3 - Mesa, AZ: CONTEST

September 3 - Davie, FL: CONTEST

September 8 - Birmingham, AL: CONTEST

September 8 - Live Oak, TX: CONTEST

September 8 - Raleigh, NC: CONTEST

September 8Tigard, OR: CONTEST

September 8 - Greenville: CONTEST

September 8 - Royal Palm Beach, FL: CONTEST

September 8 - New York, NY: CONTEST


Q102 Philly Contest

Freebie Contest

[Stylist Magazine] This queen was raised on Brazilian food!
"I can’t eat fish fingers and chips, I need a big plate of rice, brown beans and barbecued meat [Kaya’s mother is Brazilian]. I got into cooking when I was living with Elliot and four of his male friends. When they would play on the PlayStation I would get bored and cook with my mum on Skype. She would talk me through everything. I also do a mean Sunday roast.”

TEEN: Kaya Scodelario talks ‘The Maze Runner’


Teen had the opportunity to visit the set of The Maze Runner, where they interviewed Kaya Scodelario.

Here are all the questions related to ‘The Maze Runner’:

Being the only girl in the film, what was it like the first time you got on set?

Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Not only is it my first big American film, but it’s a full cast of boys, so I was like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna be the girl. I’m gonna be all emotional and they’re gonna hate me. And I’m gonna complain about the bugs, and they’re gonna think I’m stupid’ and all these things, but one of my best friends back at home is a boy and I’ve kind of been brought up around boys, so I’m quite comfortable with them. The first thing I actually said to them when I met them was that I was really gassy on the plane. And I think that kinda gave us a nice even level, and we bonded really quickly — with all of them.

Did you read the book before you got the script?

I hadn’t before I heard about the project. Once I started hearing about it, I read the first book, The Maze Runner. I didn’t wanna read the whole trilogy purely because these kids have no memory. They don’t know what’s happened, or what is going to happen, so I thought it’d be best just to stick with the first one and I absolutely loved it.

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You asked, and they answered! Check out the cast of The Maze Runner answering your #AskAGlader questions on the first stop of their nationwide tour! Who is allergic to bees and what is Dylan’s favorite song? Watch and learn! 
Submit questions using the #AskAGlader hashtag and maybe the cast will answer YOUR question on their next tour stop!
Anonymous asked:
Hi! Do you know where are the cast going on tour exactly? I mean which cities in the US


We’ve had a lot of questions about this (10+) and I’m just going to respond at once. I don’t know where the cast will be visiting but I’ll try to be as vigilant as possible on posting contests for screenings etc. 20th Century Fox has opted to not release an official schedule (at least not yet) and I have a few things to say about why.

  • It’s a press tour. The key word being press. From what I’ve heard and from the info I’ve gotten from people who have been to the meet & greets and screenings is that it is 98% press. This makes sense to me as this is how it works for the critics to get reviews out ahead of time. This is also to get information out about the movie. And do interviews.
  • They’re not public events. You’re not allowed to just show up and do a meet & greet like how usual book cast tours are (i.e. If I Stay, THG) so it might be worse to announce the dates all ahead of time and have to turn people down for the events. 

But besides this, there are still things you can do to find out if there’s a screening coming nearby.

  • #MazeKeeper - Watch the twitter @mazerunnermovie because they have been doing a little competition on twitter for every meet & greet to give a fan a chance to meet the cast.
  • Contests - Some schools/radio stations etc. are having contests/opportunities to get tickets to a screening that the cast will be having a Q&A at. 
  • - Even if you don’t get to see the cast, try and see the movie early! It’ll be great :)

Again, the first part is just my guesses so I don’t know anything for sure and am just a fan like you. We’ll try and be as active as possible on keeping you updated on places we know they’re going and screenings!

Anonymous asked:
Do you know if kaya, will & dylan will be doing anything in Philadelphia besides the radio thing on Tuesday?

Most likely not. Later that day they are scheduled to be in Toronto, so they might not have time to do anything else.